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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Well, Almost got it all done ;-)

Got most of the house cleaned, all except the bathrooms ( Rhonda, were you reading my mind.....LOL!) But that can wait for tomorrow I guess.

This morning I had a really big blow-out with Becky. It seems that she has a project that's due Friday that she really hasn't started yet, but that counts as a large chunk of her grade. Which is ok- we could get it done in an hour or two. But she hits me with it this morning around 7:30am, and suddenly she can't go to school??? Not so much can't but won't. She refused, even when I took away the keyboard/mouse here, her I-pod, stereo cord, cable TV cord, yada, yada, yada. And I told her that they would be gone indefinately ( well, all but the keyboard and mouse). She's still here, probably waiting for me to get off to go to work.
She'd've had plenty of time to do this project this evening, as well as tomorrow evening. Her dad could have helped her, or I could when I got home tomorrow ( I work until 10pm tonight- so that's out!) But no- she had to pull this shit on me. And she's just too big to physically drag out to the car/bus stop. So what was I supposed to do? She pulls this every once in a while. Just up and decides not to go to school. I've threatened her, pleaded with her- and no go. SO what am I to do? Any ideas? She's now blown her chance to go to the concert ( or any concert for that matter- there was one coming in Dec. that I was thinking of taking her to, but not now!) I hate to think she enjoys doing this to me, but what else can I think?


Peace ( don't I wish!) KC

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