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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Wonders never cease!

Well, we had a lovely time over at the BIL's yesterday. But unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures. You see, some things happened that threw me off entirely....

As we arrived, we went out onto the porch to find one of the regular guests, whom I'll call "R". He apparently works for a hotel development/management company, and is pretty high up the ladder. He also is a rock fan, and we've talked several times about our favorite bands/music. First thing he said to me was " Got your DL tickets?" To which of course I smiled and said "Hell yeah!" He explained that he hadn't gotten his yet, but that he would buy them later that evening. "R" said it would be a great time, yada, yada, yada.

Since he's well acquainted with the whole Orlando area, I asked him where would be a good place to have a "pre-show meet-up" with the rest of the fans. He told me about a Marriott which is literally right across the street from the venue. Fair enough, but then "R" proceeded to tell me that it would be a good idea for me to park at the hotel ( in the valet parking) rather than at the Waterhouse. It would be easier to get in and out after the show. I thanked him for the insight. Then he reached into his wallet- AND GAVE ME HIS PARKING PASS! Which means I get valet parking for free- and a prime parking space!!!!!! WOO HOOO! No fighting the traffic, and a safe place for my car! And I only know this guy because he goes to the BIL's parties. Really blew my mind- I'll have to buy him a drink at the hotel when he and his fiance get there!

Onward to "blow" #2. Now, you all know about my hubby's "lack" of enthusiasm for all things Lep. How I took him to the show last year, and it was less than a good time. Well, while "R" and I were talking, Jon came over and sat down. I hadn't exactly told Jon about the tickets yet- I planned on doing that last night ( after he'd had a beer or two ;-)! Well, when "R" asked who was coming with me, I told him I hadn't decided yet ( which I hadn't!) and Jon said- "I'd like to go"---WTF???? I must have looked like I'd been smacked in the face- "R" was laughing at me, asking why I would be so shocked? Well, Long story short, I guess Jon's coming with me this time. Scary times my friends- scary! I only hope he loosens up this time, or I'll probably need bail monies-
Any volunteers???

Well, that's it. Am I crazy? Should I let someone else go- or give Jon another chance? I would dearly love for him to at least enjoy himself. I don't expect miracles, but I don't want to set myself up for a lousy evening either. *SIGH*
What would you all do in my place????

Peace, Love, and some ENLIGHTENMENT! ( please!)

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