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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Let the Countdown begin!!

Sunday can't come soon enough for me! I've got off from work the rest of the week, so I'm spending it pretty much trying to get ahead of the housework. That way Jon and I can leave at a reasonable time to head over to Orlando. He's taken Monday off, so we are DEFinately staying overnight. ( He had originally said no to that, but I changed his mind lol!) Mom will be over after work on Sunday, so we don't have to worry about the kids killing each other ( or making a mess of my house lol!).

I just have to decide what I'm going to wear for the event. I'm probably just going to wear my "Slang" T-shirt. I'm not one to "dress up" for a concert. I'm there to listen and dance to the music. Not to impress anyone with my terrific body ( Cough,choke,GAG!).

I often wondered about those people- You know, the ones in the spiked heels, with their clothes literally "sprayed" on. (Like 10 pounds of sh*t in a 5 pound bag!) 15 lbs. of jewelry, and enough make-up to make Tammy Fae blush! I can't see that being comfortable, let alone reasonable. Like they really think the band is going to look down and say;" Gee, there's a pretty woman, let me dump my present wife/girlfriend/significant other and take up with her"!!! YEAH RIIIIIIGGGHHHTTT! Buy a clue people! They won't see you- and if they do- they won't care! Gone are the "under-the-stage-antics" days. Hell, I wouldn't get that offer anymore anyway ( and I did during the Hysteria tour- and TURNED IT DOWN!) I don't have the "equipment" for it nowadays!

So me and my jeans shorts and Slang shirt will be there, with little/no make-up. And if I happen to run into a member of either band, well- hope they see my smile- and not my 40+ year old body! But I doubt that Jon will want to stand around for the hour or so it takes to have them come out. Unless I can get someone to go with him over to the bar at the hotel to wait for me- Hey Kat, you thing we could get our hubbies to go together???

One other question for you all. I have a 1 gig card for my camera. So how much video can I get on one of those? I know I can get a ton of pics, but I don't know about the video! Kim, Rhonda- any ideas?

I'll be back tomorrow for our usual- until then...

Peace and Love, KC!

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