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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ok, everyone

Get out your drool bibs, and get your boyfriends/hubbies/sig. others out of the room. Because you're not gonna want to be distracted here....

Phil- do you even own a shirt ;-) J/K folks!

Hey Joe, what DID you step in? ( hehehehe)

Yes, we are screaming as loud as possible Joe!

Just like the color on this one!

Now is the time; Pause here, and just DROOL! ( don't worry, I'll wait here for you)...

Ok, you cleaned up now ;-)
I was reading Gordons post this morning- that goodness he didn't seem to think we were a bunch of crazy idiots. Although I don't remember any of us "lusting" over the guys. We mostly just talked about music- in general, and Journey and DL specifically. He really is a funny guy though- but not *quite* that funny in person. What I mean by that is that he is not so "bawdy" when he's speaking. I guess that could have been because there were "ladies" present. And I have to take him to task on the men/women ratio as well. Yes, there were more ladies present, but only slightly more. Actually, if I remember correctly- 5 men and 8 women. Which is not THAT much of a difference. He made is sound as if it were virtually ALL women. Which I'm sure he wouldn't have minded, but that was simply not the case!

His take on the concert was right on though. And I have to post on the site, and thank him for the "dressing room" sign that he passed me after the show. He came out while Rick was signing, saying " I don't see anyone I know here- Oh there you are!" and came over to Kat and I. She got a copy of the night's schedule ( I believe) and I got the sign. Which is now up on my closet door. I thought that was a good place for it- until I get my tour book out to put the tickets and stuff in. It will go in there for remembrance sake!

Well, I'm off to "catch up" with everything online. I have been working/sleeping for the last few days. I *think* I've beaten back whatever was trying to infect me, but I've fallen behind on all the stuff around here in the process. So- as the sink is full of dishes ( WHY is it I'm the only one who can put things in the dishwasher?????), and a pile of towels await- I'll be back here tomorrow with a few more pics.

Take care of yourselves!
Peace and Love, KC

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