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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Once again- lost in the world....

Sorry- But I can explain...

First of all, I had said I was working Sunday- which I did, but not without duress. Saturday I felt fine, but by about 2am Sunday morning, I was sicker than a dog! I must have gotten some sort of stomach virus, because I spent nearly 3 hours running at both ends almost non-stop! The only reason I even attempted to go to work was that I knew calling out sick on a Sunday is practially a capital-offense in the Pharmacy! ( Try and call someone in on the weekend. It just ain't happening!) So I dragged myself in, against my whole family's better judgements. Managed to make it through, and then when I woke up Monday feeling like someone had beat me round the ribs with a baseball bat- I called out then. I knew they had 4 other people working, so they could cover for me. Not that they were happy about it, but I hadn't even tried to eat anything for almost 2 days. I was dizzy and couldn't walk, so I would not have been able to work anyway!

Yesterday Mom and I finally got her end of the Christmas shopping done. And though I'm no where near finished, the major stuff is out of the way. All I need is Hubby's paycheck/bonus to finish all the loose ends up. I just hope he gets it Friday ( Short explanation here: He gets paid on the 1st and the 16th- but the 16th is on Saturday. In the past, if the payday fell on Saturday they'd get their checks Friday. But not in the past year or so. BUT- Since this IS Christmas season, and to hold paychecks off until Monday would mean that the majority of these guys would have to do their shopping the last 2 days before Christmas!! I hope that hubby's most benevalent boss has the heart to pay them on Friday. Or at least give them their bonuses on Friday!) Then I can use this next weekend to finish things off.

Oh- and did I tell you that not only do I have Christmas off- but the entire weekend before????!!!!! That, my friends, is a first! I have NEVER- NEVER- EVER had Christmas eve off in the 23 years I've worked at Walgreens! I won't know what to do with myself. I'll have time to wrap without doing it in the garage at 1 am in the morning! Get a decent night sleep on Christmas eve? UNHEARD OF! Not only that- but 2 days in which to prepare for Christmas. I swear I keep looking at the schedule not believing that it's true. I keep thinking my name has to be there SOMEWHERE!! lol!

So that is the sum total of my week. Not very exciting, but at least you all know I'm still alive down here! Oh, and as for the DVD's- I still haven't found/gotten the burning software to do them for you all. I looked around yesterday, but all that was left on the shelves were ones I wasn't familiar with. And I don't want to spend $100 on some crappy program I'll never use. So until I eather find my Roxio cd, or find one in the stores, you all will just have to bear with me. I do have your requests written down- and I WILL get them out to you asap. I just don't want you to think I've forgotten about them!

Well, I'd better get my happy-butt in gear. I never got around to doing my own laundry this past week.So I'd better get it in the washer- I doubt if my co-workers want me to come in today in my birthday suit!!

Have a great day all!
Peace and Love, KC!

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