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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Well, it's official!

Meet the "new" lead singer of Journey:

Jeff Scott Soto- aka THP!
Congratulations Jeff, on getting the gig! May you and your new work blow the music scene out of the water!!! Enjoy the ride!

Now, some of you I'm sure have not been keeping up with the whole "Steve A." situation. The whole "Tapegate" scandal, as it's come to be called. I wouldn't even want to begin to explain it. If you go to the Melodic Rock forums, and research back to May/June of this past year, you will find all the threads pertaining to the whole thing. I'll let you all decide for yourselves what's truth, and what's BS. I will agree that it's taken entirely toooooooo long for things to get ironed out- but that's what happens when you get lawyers involved ( and believe me- they had to be!!)

But the recent bickering on the various Journey boards has had me thinking. Most see the situation as this: Steve had voice problems ( debate on when these started still abounds!) had to leave the tour. Jeff steps in- WOW'S the crowds- Steve is out. *Dumped* as it were. That point has always bothered me. I had always thought better of all of them. Neal et-al have been called Traitors, and worse, about the whole thing.

Now here's where MHO is going to differ from the various scenario's being played out. What if: Steve realized during this time off that he'd NEVER be able to return to singing Journey's songs. This is entirely possible, since those songs are a bitch to sing- even Perry can't do it anymore ( or at least I've read this!) His voice just will not physically hit those notes. * here it comes- get ready!*

Perhaps the switch was STEVE's idea. Or at least, kind-of. He can't sing the songs anymore. He's known about the voice problems for awhile. In comes Jeff- and Steve sees that he's got an "out" of the band. No recriminations from others in the band- no "leaving them in the lurch" so to speak. He can leave without feeling he let them down, and do his own thing with what voice he has left. And the "Journey" can continue, with Jeff in the front spot.

Could this be? Possibly. But this is one "option" that I have not seen expressed on ANY of the boards. And quite frankly- I'm not sure I want to be the one to express it. I'm still pretty new over there- and I'll probably get tons of flack for it. I'd just as soon wear a hair shirt as get involved in some of those "Flame-wars" as errupt on a regular basis. But why am *I* the only one who's thought of this? Am I totally out of left-field here? Cause if I am- I DEFinately will not express it. But if I'm not......

Food for thought for the day: should KC stick her neck out- or keep it safely in her collar?

Peace and Love,

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