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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

So Sorry!

Still don't have my life back. Between work, and my family- I'm lucky to get in some sleep time! And this week is my tests/Dr's visit, so the little time I get in the mornings is being spent running around. Shit!

They tried to hire a girl the other day, but she can only work nights. Which is not what we need. We have 2 other people already on staff that work nights because of school. We need a full-time day/weekend person. And to add to that- the one I told you all was leaving the first of Feb. has now told us her last day is THIS FRIDAY!!??? As a result- good 'ol KC is working 5 1/2 days next week, and that's only because the one day I have off is Kimmie's field trip that I'm chaperoning!! I know I've worked these kinds of hours before, but I'm just not up to it anymore. My house is a wreck, I'm too tired to get anything of substance done. About all I'm good for is sleep. On my feet, almost running flat out for 8 hours is not something this tired old lady wants to be doing. I almost fell asleep on my lunch break yesterday!

So I'm going to let them know I will not keep this up for long. I'll help out the next week or so- then I'm going back to 4 days/week. Perhaps that will motivate someone to hire new help? God- I hope so!

Just wanted to check in and let you know I'm still here. Dr. visit tomorrow- then straight to work. I'm still *supposed* to be off Friday, and with the kids back in school, looks like that's my next best bet to be here. Cross your fingers that we get some help!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace and Love, KC

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