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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Welcome 2007!

Me and "some old guy"- Christmas 2006 ( hehehehe!)

I'd say I'm sorry I haven't posted in over a week, but I'm not. I just had so many things going on, that it was better just to leave this place alone for a while. Let me explain......

Christmas weekend was one LONG one! Between wrapping, cooking and general running around for last minute stuff ( you know- I didn't get enough for X- too much for Y type crap) I was virtually exhausted come Monday. But we had a good day, although Mother Nature saw fit to screw with even the best-laid plans. Instead of a "White Christmas" ( which would have been a novelty down here!) we had a front come through. Which was accompanied by tornados, hail, and assorted fun stuff.

This is the "aftermath". Really, it wasn't as bad here as in elsewhere in the state, but it caused us to leave my Mom's house a little earlier than planned. You all have seen the pictures from my "river BIL's" house, and the big causeway bridge near there. Well we had to travel over that to get from Mom's house to his on Christmas. With the tornado warnings as such, we wanted to get over it before the storm hit. I didn't want to try and drive over it in 60+ mph winds! But it came through and we were fine ( no pun intended!)

Tuesday, one of the interns that was slated to fill in at various stores apparently went to work ( not at our store- at one nearby) a little worse for wear. Actually, she was drunk! So after she was fired ( DUH- who wants a drunk filling their rx's????) I found myself working a few more days than I was originally scheduled. So between that, cleaning up after the Christmas chaos, and just trying to unwind- I've been MIA around the www. But hopefully, that's all in the past and I can pick up where we all left off. I've been feeling a little like this though:

(one of the few pictures I can get of her- she SOOO hates cameras!)

Actually- if you'll notice- my pictures are pretty good. That's because "Santa hubby" got me my Canon! Powershot S3-IS. God- is this thing cool or what? I can be tired, shaky, and holding it in one hand- and still pull off a great shot! Even people who admit to being horrible at taking pictures used it ( as seen by the first pic in my post!) can't miss with this one! It's not as small as a lot of digitals, but in a way that works for me. It has a hand grip that is easy for my old self, and so many settings it may take me years to figure it all out! I will be experimenting on it soon though because.....

I've learned recently that Journey is playing in Clearwater, Fl. in Febuary. And I'm GOING! I don't care what I have to do. I'm meeting up with a few people from Melodic rock ( some of which you all know- "Ratgirl" and Melissa are 2 of them!). I'll test my "new toy" out then. THP- Look out!

We're also getting the house Wi-Fi'ed tomorrow. And I'm planning on getting another desktop here sometime in the next couple of weeks. So I should have a bit more internet access coming here soon. 5 people and 1 computer is coming to mean MAJOR fights- and I'm so over that! One thing though that I don't quite know- If we're all Wi-Fi'ed, can I access stuff on computer A, on Computer B? Or will I have to upload/download stuff from one to the other? I ask because both Andy and Becky got new I-pods from Mom, and I want to "spread out" the I-tunes. She got her Laptop, and wants to move her stuff to her computer, which right now is on here. And I want Andy to put his on the new desktop. I'm hoping to spread out load, so to speak. So anyone who can explain all that- HELP!

Well, I'm looking at the clock, and I'm due into work here in about an hour. So I'd better get my happy butt in gear! I'm not looking forward to the next few weeks. January is when *most* insurances change things, and most DON'T warn anyone ahead of time. New cards not in, new billing procedures, new co-pays- and guess who get's to play "Anger that patient"??? Yup! And of course, the phone lines will be tied up for hours. Yes, I *love* January. "Hell on Earth Month" they ought to call it!

When's that concert again???????????

Peace and Love,

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