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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Well, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse...

Now the guy we hired last month, that was supposed to quit his old job and come to work with us full time gave his notice. He's been given a promotion at his old job, and chose to stay there. Not that I blame him, but that means we're down to Me, Christy and "little" Julie ( the tech- not the pharmacist) There is just NO WAY in the world we can staff the pharmacy with 3 techs!!! So much for my 32 hour weeks....* sigh*........

So we've been trying to get some "bodies", but believe it or not- it's not easy. Most that have applied give you the "I can't work nights/weekends/certain hours speil that can not be done while working in a retail setting. Or you mention the "drug-testing" and they run for cover. Why? Is everyone stoned/high/strungout anymore??? Is that the only people left without jobs?? We have one week left before the proverbial "shit" hits that spinning object, and I don't see any help in sight. Which means a couple of things.

1- That Journey concert trip is in serious jepardy. I can't take a weekend off when we don't have any staff to cover me.

2- Unless the "powers-that-be" get my insurance reinstated, the money will just not be there to go. Having to pay full $$ on my dr. visit, X-Ray and blood tests have seriously drained my budget.

So I think the Journey concert is a bust for me this time out. I really hate that- I was truly looking forward to going. The only way I could go is if my tax refund came in before then. And as neither Jon nor myself have gotten our W2's yet- that's not something I can count on.Turbo-tax may be fast- but it's not a miracle worker!!!

So here I sit in my scrubs, feet still hurting from yesterday. Heading out for yet another shift today. Tomorrow the field trip ( which will at least have me sitting more than standing- thank goodness!!!) and since I'll be home by 1:30pm, I should be able to get *some* rest tomorrow afternoon. That is, after I clean the kitchen, vacuum, pick up the scattered stuff the kids leave around, wash towels.........

Calgon- take me away! PLLLLEEEEEESSSSEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

'Til Tomorrow!
Peace and Love,

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