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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

You know what they say?

That no good deed goes unpunished? Well, seems as if it's happening to me. Because of the week I took off ( unpaid ) to take my Mother to my Aunt's funeral, my average hours at work dropped down to 29.75 per week. So corporate is trying to drop my medical insurance! ( they're averages on a 12 week cycle, so that's why this has just popped up- apparently!)
Mr P. is trying to argue with them against it, but I doubt they'll care. Which means that the family now has no medical insurance, and I won't be able to get any until September again! And before you ask- I could get insurance through Hubby's employer. But because it's a small business, the premiums are something like $800 a month! Which is way to steep for us to handle, really.

Having said that- Rae, Linda, Patti- or Andy & Becky for that matter- If any of you are reading this, don't mention anything to my Mom about it. It would just kill her to think she's to blame for this. I would not have changed a thing anyway- even if I knew ahead of time. And believe me- she'd blame herself big time!

Hell, it's still not written in stone, Mr. P is fighting it for me. I may just get a reprieve. Especially since he figured out that since I've been working so many hours the last couple of weeks, my average should jump up over the 33 hr. mark with the next pay period. He just has to convince them that a funeral ( that is not covered by normal company policy) is justification.

GO MR. P!!


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