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Monday, February 26, 2007

Another week

Another darn headache. I swear, I can't wait for stuff to get ironed out at work. I hate "dreading" going to work- I really do.

Well, we still haven't gotten the other computer up and running. It looks like something happened to the video card while Andy was trying to get it wi-fi'ed. So it looks like I'll have to do 2things;
Take said computer down to get fixed &
get a special cable to transfer all my stuff from the old computer to this new one. I hate the fact that I can't e-mail anyone, or bring up any of my pictures. Frustrating as all get-out! But I found out that this computer came with Roxio programed into it. So I'm gonna try it out, and perhaps that will allow me to take back the Nero I bought ( which was $99 btw!). I was all set to burn some stuff yesterday- but wouldn't you know, this computer uses/takes only DVD-R discs. And the old one used DVD+R! So I have to buy all new blanks for this one. Not a biggie, as Becky's laptop will use the other ones, but still is a bit of a PITA.

Other than that- and the crazy weather ( last weekend freezing our arses off- this weekend sweating buckets!) there's really not much else going on. Kimmie's birthday at the end of the week, and all the drama that is work.

Hope all of you have a good week!

Peace and Love, KC!

PS To Rhonda- PASSWORD????????????????

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