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Monday, February 19, 2007

Oh Boy- What a weekend!

Kimmie with her "new friend".

Well, I know I should have been back here Friday, but work proved to be my undoing. Came home and crashed- sorry! At least that "trainer-biotch" didn't show up to cause more trouble! But the Intern is now gone, and we are back down to "bare-bones" staffing. Which means I'm scheduled WAAAYYYY too many hours this week! So if I'm scarce, you'll know why.

But look over to the right in that picture above.... See those boxes??!! YUP! New 'puter!!!! It's an HP 7750. It's got more ram and gigs than I ever HOPED to have! And I got a really good deal on it too. Seems the computer package I first had my eyes on was sold out. As it was Saturday, and the sale ended that day- the guy made me an offer on this one. Which was WAY better than my first choice. AND I got a 19" wide screen flat panel in the bargin!! I just have to move everything around now. But as we had promised the kids a day at the local zoo, and lunch out at their favorite restarant, by the time we got home yesterday I just didn't have the energy to move everything ( and set up the wi-fi, configure network, etc.) So we'll just have to do that some evening this week. I also learned that since this new computer has Vista on it, it will take several "bootings" ( is that a word???) to get it up to speed. Seems Vista has to major "scans" the first few times it's brought up. It took the "geek squad" 45 minutes the first time! Then they say 20 minutes, 15, 10 etc. So I'm not looking forward to getting that all sorted out. But it's a beauty, so it will be worth it once it's all done!

Some messages for my friends:
Kim- Honey, I hope to hell your Dad drags your Mom to the dr. It's getting so bad now that I really worry for your safety, as well as your Mom's. Either that or storm the Dr's office, and don't take no for an answer until you can speak with him. It's getting way too physical now, and something just HAS TO BE DONE!

Steph- It' was great talking to you. Just know that if you ever need a shoulder, I'm here! And I promise- Your "replacements" are first on my list of stuff to do once we get the new computer up and running!

Alan/Diane- Thanks for the phone calls and the concern. But ( and this is for everyone!) Walgreens has re-instated my insurance! So no worries on that score. Hug Sid and Miyoko for us! ( and Alan- leave a comment!!!!)

Well, that's all I have time for this morning. I have to go get dressed and get my "happy" butt to work. Let's just hope that they find some help for us soon. I'm really getting tired (physically and mentally) of working myself to death!

Hope you all have a great week!

Peace and Love, KC!

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