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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Oh Shit! They made me switch

to the new blogger. So if there's anything missing/fouled up, I appologize. But that's why it's taken me so long to get back to all of you. I just didn't have time/patience to fuss with it the past few days. I really don't now, but I have tomorrow off, so I can fix it then.

I'm doing much better. The pain is gone, and itching has replaced it. Which is a PITA since I can't scratch it and rip the sutures! Kind-of like that itch you get on your back you can't reach?? Driving me flippin' nuts- but at least this is the LAST procedure I'll have to deal with. ( provided my health stays good!!)

I am SOOO bummed I missed all the shows this past weekend! From what I've heard/read- they were outstanding! Jeff has found his footing and the band is rockin' out! Angela ( Ratgirl on the forums) called me Friday and Monday nite with songs. Hell- I was at work Monday evening, and even "G" listened in with me ;-) ( He's Lebonese by birth- and he thinks it's so cool that people do this!) Anyway- I'll know not to pass these events by in the future!

We had a bit of a "misshap" with this computer Monday morning. It seems the CD burner/player "ate" Andy's favorite gaming CD. And now the door/drawer to the player won't stay closed. Another thing I'm gonna have to "tinker" with tomorrow while I'm off. At least there are 2 burners on this thing- and the DVD one still works! Heck- the Tax monies are due in anyday- and we're getting a new computer then as well. This one is going out in the livingroom for the kids/me to use, and the new one in the bedroom. WHICH begs a question to my "tech-savy" friends out there. How do I go about copying all my links/favorites/etc to the new computer?? I'd hate to think I have to write them all down and "re-list" them on the new computer! Any help you all can give me on this one would be appreciated!

Work is totally fouled up right now. In the process of bringing in help- we're only having more problems. "G" got an intern to come in- who is now leaving at the end of the week. She doesn't want to be a "tech"- she wants to be an Intern ( which I understand, which is why she was brought in in the first place is a mystery to me!!!) I've been stuck on register all the past 2 weeks, and Christy has been stressed to the max doing everything herself ( I can't help her if I'm stuck on register!!!) He wants another girl transfered from another store- but I've argued against it. I like her, and she's very competant...BUT.... She graduates from college this May! ( same as our little Julie) and she's leaving to be a Computer programming tech ( as Julie will leave to be a nurse) SOOOOO... We'll be back in the EXACT same boat come May! Why can't they find someone that wants to stay for more than a couple of months??? There are plenty of people applying/already working for us that WANT to work for us long-term!? "G" seems to want something that just doesn't exist. Or he refuses to see the "big picture". I've talked to Mr. P. about this, and he agrees. But he can't seem to get all this through to "G" either. "G" wants what amounts to "instant gratification". Someone that will step right in and know what they're doing. But that just can't happen all the time. All I know is that work is begining to be a big PITA for Christy and I, and neither one of us can see any light at the end of the tunnel.

Things really got bad yesterday. Our "district tech trainer" came by the store, and in her usual bossy way started stirring up the crap. Ordering me, Christy and the Intern around and generally pissing all of us off. "G" even yelled at her in front of everyone- telling her she did not run "his pharmacy!" ( had to love him for that!) She's stated she'd be back all week, to "help train our Intern". I'll tell you all one thing- if she talks to me again like I'm some 3-yr-old-idiot-bastard-red-headed-stepchild- Shit will FLY! I will not be treated like that. I don't earn it- don't deserve it. as "G" said to her yesterday;" KC works her butt off in this pharmacy, she knows 3/4 of the customers BY NAME, and she knows more than all the rest of us put together. Don't you DARE talk to her that way!" But if she does.........
Well, I'm Irish/Scots. I have a temper that few have seen( even Hubby leaves the room when I get truly pissed off!). If she doesn't watch her step, she might just see it this week.

News at 11pm.

Take care of yourselves!

Love and Peace, KC


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