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Saturday, February 10, 2007


Well, I got my IV Port out yesterday. And wouldn't you know, it did not want to "pop right out" as the Dr. claimed. Seems that since the darn thing was in for 2 & 1/2 years, my body had grown *accustomed* to having it there. I won't go into details, but it took 1/2 hour, and much cutting/snipping to remove it. Now my shoulder/chest feels like someone took a sledgehammer to it. That goodness for Lortab! I'm glad now that I didn't attempt to drive to Clearwater for the show afterwards. I'd've been worthless at any rate. As is stands now, I'm trying to eat a bagel here this morning so I can take another pill. And I'm using my daughter's laptop at the moment- it doesn't require as much movement in my shoulder to type as our desktop ( sitting on the bed, with it on my lap here!) Well, my Mom said that I never could do things the easy way...... ;-)

About the cell phone- Some of you were commenting on Ringtones. I know Cingular doesn't have any good DL tones. But I've been using www.DDNMOBILE.com for mine. It didn't used to work for us (Cingular had it blocked somehow!) But it does now!! And they have a TON of DL tones! $5 for 3 months of unlimited downloads! I've already "tricked" out my phone with a bunch of cool ones, and I've got tons more to do. Just go there and follow the instructions. Goodness knows, if I can do it, Y'all can! I know I don't normally like to pay for stuff like that- but at $5- that's the equivelent of 2 ringtones at Cingular! Depending on the phone you have, they have tones, games, screensavers, everything!

Well, as I said, I'm on Becky's laptop right now. Which means I don't have my "Joke stash" here with me. I'll try to get on my main computer later and upload a joke or two for you all. But right now I'm going to pop a pill and relax. I want to see if Orlando tomorrow is still a possibility!

Peace and Love, KC.

PS to Melanie- I'm so bummed about the whole Coaching situation that I can't begin to tell you! That's just SO unlike the Pitt. franchise to fire a coach for 1 bad season- especially coming off a Superbowl win!( and don't tell me Cowher wasn't fired- he "leaves to spend more time with his family"- then gets picked up by Arizona 2 weeks later? Some "break" huh?) But what the heck are we gonna do? Hopefully things will work out for everyone. But right now I'm still pissed about it. :-(

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