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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Well- so much for "time off"

****Caution- Rant on here!****

I was *supposed* to have yesterday off. I had all these plans;

Get oil changed in my car

Upload new Nero, and copy a bunch of DVD's that were promised to various people

Clean out the garden to make room for spring veggies

Take pics/video for here.

I got one of those done, anyway. The car bit. But I came home to the phone ringing. Now, I reached for the thing with hesitation- Was it my Mom? The school? Or work? Well, unfortunately it was the latter. Seems Christy called out, and "G" asked if I could come in "for a few hours". And like a good little employee, I did. But when I got there and asked ( after about an hour) how long he wanted me to stay- he said 4pm!!!!! WTF? That's a 7 hour shift- not "a few hours"!!!! ( I got there at 9am btw) Well, I told him this would be a problem. The 2 youngest had expected me to be home, and therefore Andy hadn't taken his house keys with him ( I thought- he had, but I didn't know that ;-) ) Now comes the best part- "G" said " well, can't you go home, let them in and come back???" WTF X2! By the time he'd said this, we had 2 other techs/interns there besides me. I'd gotten all the RX's in the work que done, the warehouse order up and owed scripts filled. Why in the world would he need me past say 1pm? Mr.P. came back and I asked him about this. He said to me " 'G' is just being a baby about this" and pulled him aside a few minutes later. But I still wasn't *allowed* to leave until 2:15pm. THEN "G" said " thank you so much Karen" as I left. That's it though- I'm gonna get caller ID. OR take my home phone out of the computer at work, and just leave my cell. That way I can see who the heck is calling an avoid this shit in the future. I'm back to being tired, overworked, and behind in all the things that need doing. SHIT!

*Rant off*

Anywho- at least I have the whole of this weekend off. I had planned on going to the Journey concerts this weekend, but finaces and such just got in the way. I may still try to get over to Orlando this Sunday and meet up with a few people, but I'm not sure that Jon's gonna go for it. But at least everyone at work thinks I'm out of town- so no worries there!

And I got a new cellphone. It's a Cingulair Sync phone. Which is really cool! Streams TV on it, the screen is really big ( good for us old folks lol!) And can play videos! So I'll have to spend some time figuring the thing out. More new toys! WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Well, I'll back tomorrow. I have that off at least! And hopefully I'll have some more pictures/stuff to share besides my constant ranting about work!

Have a great day all!
Peace and Love- KC

PS to the "Seattle Campbells"- LEAVE A COMMENT DAMNIT! :D

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