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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Almost ready!

I've bought all the tickets ( the Sea World ones- that let us in all year for 1 days price!) And I take Shadow to the vet today to get her shots updated. Otherwise, the kennel will not take her! We're planning on leaving sometime tomorrow afternoon ( since we can't check into our villa until 4pm). I've been spending the past couple of days just doing the housecleaning and relaxing. It was nice not to have to cram all that cleaning into one day. At least I'm not as tired as I would be normally.

I'll try and post here while were gone- but I'm not making promises ( lalalala ;-) ) because I've found out that the only place that has wireless access is a place there called the clubhouse. And as I'm not sure where that's at- and how it's set up, well all I can say is we'll see. The plans are to go to the Pirates Adventure dinner thingy tomorrow night, Sea World all day Thursday, then possiblely returning there for awhile Friday. It all depends on what we see on day 1. They have a ton of shows there- and as the park closes at 6pm Thursday- we may not have the chance to see them all. And heck- since we have the "all year passes" - we might as well use them! So look for me back here no later than Saturday. And since my housework/laundry/stuff will all be done before we leave- the weekend will be a restful one.

Plenty of time to fool around here. I hope!

Until then- have a great week!

Peace and Love, KC!

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