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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ok, listen up!

I've got my Roxio up and running. I have some new discs that are ready. So if you want some of those CD/DVD boots that I've mentioned in the past- E-MAIL ME!

I'm working on some for my boss right now. Second spot goes to Steph, since she has lost so much of her stuff recently. The rest of you, well, ask and I'll burn them in order of your requests. Along with the "infamous" tour manager's video I have:

Behind the Music
Argentina 1997
Milan, Italy 1993
Philly, 2003
3 continents in one day ( kind-of hard to hear/see, but pretty cool!)
rare and recent interview footage
Unplugged and Unshaved
Beacon theater on the X tour- all three nights!

I also have a Journey boot- live in Baltimore Nov 10 2006 ( with JSS)

these are all the DVD's- on CD I have:

Fresno 2005
Viva Lep Vegas
San Fran-X

I probably have more- but that's all I can think of at the moment. I've got a couple off a boot site, but they're on the other computer. Which is dead btw. I took it down to the "geeks" yesterday, and would you believe that just moving it to the other room, and trying to hook up the wi-fi killed the Window's programming. So I ended up buying a new tower ( there goes our big "spring-break" vacation!) And they are extracting my files from the old to the new. I'll let you all know what's there when I get it back! But let me know what you all want. I'm off tomorrow ( Weds. ) and can use the day burning like a fool!

Place your orders friends- first come, first served!

Other than that- I'm still trying to up load some pictures from Kimmie's party. God- this computer can multi-task better than I can! SCARY!

Hope you all are well-

Love and Peace, KC!

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