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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hell, life is crazy!

Here I thought I'd get back on here in just a couple of days, but nooooooo! Anywho, you haven't missed much ;-).

Have my Mom's beagle for the next couple of weeks. She's up in PA again, staying with my cousin. Should be interesting to see how my dog takes to having her home invaded. So far, just a few growls between them. Thankfully, Mom's dog comes complete with a cage that she is to be put in while the house is empty. I can't imagine what it would be like to leave these 2 unattended. Scary- to say the least!

I'm also trying once again to plan the family vacation. the thing that sucks is- with 5 of us, it's hard to find a hotel. And after the near-disaster that was the first hotel I had booked on our trip to VA, I'm a little gun-shy to book online again. Plus, what we'd like to do is spend a few days in St. Augustine, a couple in Savannah, and then go to Stone Mountain or Atlanta for a few. Which makes it hard to book on-line. And I just can't do like Dad did back-in-the-day, which was to just drive until we find a hotel. With my luck we'd wind up in a dive or worse yet- in the middle of flippin' nowhere! So I may have to come up with another idea. Or can it altogether, which would be a bummer since Becky will start college next summer ( GULP!) and we won't be able to afford it next year!

Other than all that, it's been the same ol', same ol' here. Andy graduates from elementary school next week, so I'll get some pics of that. And probably some of our "visitor" while she's here. Hope you all are well, and we'll talk soon. I work the night shift tomorrow, so perhaps it's time I resurrected our "Friday Funnies"????

Peace and Love, KC

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