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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Yes, I'm back! And *hopefully* will remain that way lol! We've finally got some new help at work, and while it will be some time before they are "up to speed" at least that means less shifts for me. Which is really good, because my house looks like hell, and my body feels like I haven't slept for 3 weeks. I'm off today, work the closing shift tomorrow, and then off on Thursday. So with any luck, I'll have everything around here "back to right" by the weekend!

Today I have to go over to Mom's house. She has a few "Ms. Fix-it" things for me to do over there. Seems she didn't take my advice ( WHY does that not surprise me???) about her front door's knob. She said it was sticking, and I told her to just leave it alone until I could get over to take a look at it. BUT NOOOOOOOO!!!!! She had to go and fiddle with it, and it's been on the coffee table ever since! She really doesn't use her front door- she goes through the garage- so why it was so darned important I don't know. She's also got a dead-bolt on there, so it's not like anyone could break in?! So I'm off to her house in a little while to replace her doorknob. Half of which is still stuck in the doorjam? Don't make it easy on me Mom, sheesh!

( Thank you Dad, for letting me follow you around all those years, and explaining how you were fixing all the shit around the house!)

I'm also gonna do some serious "purging" around here in the next week or two. Both Kimmie and Andy have loads of stuff that needs to "disappear". The boy has so much junk stuffed into his drawers, there is no longer room for his clothes. Which wind up either on the end of his bed- or the floor! So I fear that Waste Management is really going to hate me very soon! And he wonders why I don't allow his friends over- his room is really "Hurricane alley"!

Other than that, just the same-old, same-old. I've been spending some time ( on-line) at some new "haunts". A couple of forums for the authors I am addicted to ( Sherrilyn Kenyon, J.R.Ward ) and trying to keep up with the pre-sales for DL. I don't know if I'm going to go to a show this year. The only one here in Fl. is in Tampa- about 3-4 hours across the state. Which would mean hotel,long drive, etc. All of that for the "same" show I've seen the past 3 years. I'll see what we decide to do for the summer vacation, and then decide whether the funds will be there. I'm still paying off the medical bills, and we really need to get some stuff fixed around here- the stuff I can't do (Plumbing!). So my "Leptrek" this year may not happen.

Well, I have to get over to Mom's house. So I'll leave you all for today. I'll be back either tomorrow or Thursday for sure! Just a pic to brighten your day- Kimmie and her "boyfriend" Wayne at my SIL's summer picnic;

Aren't they cute???!

See y'all soon!
Peace and Love, KC!

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