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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Kids are out of school....

And I'm just swamped! I'd forgotten how much work it is to have them home 24/7. I mean, it seems that the house is clean when I leave for work- only to have a mess when I return. Not just "stuff" all over, but the dirty dishes/cups/such that pile up during the day. I really have to "get on them" to put these things away when they're done with them. Otherwise, we'll never survive the summer unscathed!

On to some pictures- of Andy's graduation. He's off to middle school next year, and they had ceremony to mark the occasion:

Some of the chess club people

Andy recieving his certificate from the principal

Andy and 2 of his good friends in his classroom after. Where something really cool happened. Whilst everyone was milling around, his teacher asked us all to come to her and sign for their final report cards. When it was my turn, and I said Andy's name- she grabbed my arm. She then looked *straight* into my eyes and said "Keep on him. Make sure he does his work. His FCAT scores are in- HE GOT ALL 5's!! He's going places, and if he can just get on paper what is in his head- he's just going to be AMAZING!!" ( FCATS are the state tests that are supposed to gauge how students/schools are doing- the ones the government mandated. 5 is the highest score you can get on the FCATS) I was totally blown away. I mean- I know Andy is smart. And I know he's very creative. But to hear this from a woman that has been teaching 30+ years- WOW! I mean, I saw how she greeted the other parents, and nothing like that went on with them. So needless to say I'm very proud of him! (even if I can't get him to tuck in his shirt, or take off that god-forsaken hoodie!!)

Now it's back to "normal", which means work, work, cleaning, and work! I've been trying ( somewhat) to spend more time NOT being on this thing. I found I was spending soo much time on the various forums/blogs/websites that some things around here were getting neglected. So that's why I'm not here as much as I have been. NO- I'm not shutting this down, and I will still be here, just not everyday as I once was. I've also been catching up on my "to be read" list. I have had a pile of books on my nightstand screaming at me for months. So I've been catching up there too. I'm totally hooked on a new series called the "Black Dagger Brotherhood" by J.R.Ward. They're a paranormal romance series- and WOO BOY! Are these guys/books HAWT! And what is really fun about being involved in this series is the forum the author has up. I mean, lots of authors have forums- it's the way things are now. But the charactors from the books actually come out and "play" on the forums! And JR is on there alot as well. If any of you are interested- the website for the author is http://www.JRWARD.com/ ( BTW- These guys ARE vampires, but not the stereotypical, Dracula type. No- they're just another species and the stories are just riveting!!) If you like a good romance/action type book, give them a try!

OK, ok, I'm done "pimping" the books! And I'm off today, so I guess I'd better get this place cleaned up. I'm working again on Sunday, so I have to get "ahead of the game" here today. Then again, the house will probably look like crap by Friday anywho............

Hope you all are well! "Talk" to you soon!

Peace and Love, KC!

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