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Monday, July 02, 2007

Ok, where to begin?

The new tech. A guy we'll just call "D" for the present. Actually it fits in more than one respect, but let's not jump ahead........

This gentleman came recommended. Seems he's worked for Walgreen's before. AND in the Phamacy to boot! Yes, he'd left- but that was because his family moved, and he had no choice but to go with them. Now that he was back in the area, he wanted to work for "us" again. And in our situation ( needing help FAST!) we thought we'd hit the motherlode. Well, we did in a way.

He is experienced. He knows how to run a register. But where his phamacy experience is- I can't see it. Simple, basic stuff- yes. He can put in a refill. He can locate a RX when needed. But there is just too much that he either doesn't know- or won't do! ( as we come to know him- more like the 2nd!). For instance- we have a standing policy: if a patient is trying to drop off an RX for a CII narcotic ( I.E.- morphine, oxycontin, percocet, etc. ) you first have to do the following:

1- Check that we even have the drug in stock! ( pisses people off if they're just out of surgery, you make them wait 30 minutes, only to find out you don't have the drug to begin with!!??)

2- Check to see if said patient has had this RX in the recent past ( Gods know- we get plenty of people trying to get the "good drugs" WAAAAYYY to early!) We don't break laws- I don't care how bad your hurting! Your not the one to get sued if things go wrong!

"D" never does any of this! And we've even gone so far as to post a list of the CII drugs- right by the Drive thru window- that he can use as a reference. BUT NOOOOOOOO! He just takes it in- and then one of us has to deal with the pissed off customer. This is just one of the many things he *should* know how to handle- but doesn't.

Now, here comes the hard part to talk about. Because I really don't want to offend some of my readers. But this is the truth about "D", and there is no easy way around it. He's a DIVA! No, it's not that he's gay ( which, he is) that gets us upset. Quite frankly, I've worked with many gay people over the years. Never bothered me in the least what they did in their private life. Do the job, and I could care less! But this is the first time I've come across this. He just WHINES about EVERYTHING! "Oh, jeez, this is so messed up again!" "OH LORD- I just can't take this crap any more- I'll just CRY!!!!!" " KAAAARRRREEEENNNNN!- Help me before I loose my MIND here!!" ( him in the quotes- I could go on- but you get my drift)

This all would be slightly annoying, but the worst part is his voice B O O M S out where everyone can hear him! That's right- on top of us going/thinking that "D" just needs to calm down- EVEN THE CUSTOMERS can hear his rants- clear across the store! Poor Mr. P has had numerous customers complain about "D" and his "dramatics" over the last couple of weeks. He's also notorious for pulling the "I'm too good to do that" crap ( i.e.- empting the trash bins, vacuuming, cleaning- you know-all the stuff all the rest of us do??????) And don't ask him to do anything besides count pills or wait on customers. "I'm a tech- not a clerk!" is his response. ( never mind the fact that the rest of us are "Certified" techs- and yes deary- you ARE a glorified clerk until you learn your job!!!)

So do you see what I mean? I've never worked with anyone- Male or Female- that has been this *emotional* in all my years! I've tried everything I can think of to calm him down. I've tried to get him to lower his voice when he starts up- but he just "Karen- I just can't STAND IT ANYMORE SWEETIE" 's me- and off he goes! I've tried to guide him in the right direction. But it seems that he's just not listening. Mr. P. pulled him in the office last week ( I heard- I was out at the time) and basically told him if he didn't cut down on the drama- he's hours would be cut. I hope he heeds the warning. When he tries- he IS a good worker. But it just seems like he's trying less- and whining more.

Now- anyone have any ideas on how to deal with this? I just don't know what else to do. And frankly- neither do any of my co-workers.


Love and Peace, KC

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