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Monday, August 06, 2007

I know, but it's been a crappy week or so...

So shoot me! Between work troubles and that darn viral thingy trying to come back into my life- I've not had the time/energy/whathaveyou to get on this thing and post. Hell- you all should see my house right now- looks like a bomb hit it. Which is why I'm on here this morning. I'm waiting for the eldest to "rise and shine"- and then the kids and I are going to go through this house like Sherman through Atlanta! ( either that or I'll be sorely tempted to use a large flame-thrower to solve the problem!) No, that would not be a good thing- would it?

Anywho- I'm here so let me get on with what's been going on, and what's on the map for the next few weeks. Kidlets go back to school on the 20th, which means of course the preparations involved. Luckily this year both #1 & #2's registrations are on the same day- so that made part of it easy. Kimmie is already registered, although I still have to buy her supplies ( I won't know what the other two need until after their first day of classes).

The one thing that really pisses me off about this year is that I'm going to have to put Kimmie back into after-school care. The way they have the start times for the various schools has been a bone of contention around here for years- ever since some lame-brained idiot complained to the school board about 10 years ago. Seems her poor little teen-ager was having problems getting his/her sorry arse up for school, due to an after-school job. ( which, btw- in the state of Fl, they are not allowed to work past 10:30pm?!) So they complained about the fact the the HS students were the first ones due into school in the morning ( 7:15 at the bus stop- 8am school start time) Elemetary were the last in- 8:30ish bus- 9:15 start time. Well, the board- in it's every puzzling "educated" minds, decided to change all that:

Elementary- start 8 am
HS- 8:30 start
Middle- 9:15 start?????????

Now, correct me if I'm wrong- but 13-15 year olds are not able legally to hold jobs(?). And an extra 15-30 minutes sleep in the morning doesn't really make all that much difference does it? ( not to mention it's really more like 10- since the travel time to the HS's is much longer. Ergo- HS-er's pick at bus stops is only 10 mintes AFTER the elementary kids get picked up!!!)

The long and short of this is that now, Kimmie has to go to school ( IN THE DARK for at least 1/2 of the year!!) at 7, and gets out at 2:30. Becky will get home at about 3:30, and Andy at 4:30. So since Kimmie is still way too young to manage on her own, and thanks to those "loverly" people in high places, I will have to shell out serious $$$$ to have Kim picked up and sent to day-care once more. An expense that I had not missed truth be told. Great! Way to make my month! Others before me have complained about this- but all they get is "the board voted- this is how it is- deal with it" crap. HARUPMF!)

Then there is the ever changing world of work. We've hired a couple of new people- but one of them is just not working out. She's very nice- but a total space case. She's still making (potenially life-threatening/law-suit type!) mistakes that are just too basic not to be learned by now, and she totally ignores any help/advice given. She's already left early several days, and called in sick 2X. She's not long for this job- I can tell you that! And the other guy, while very personable and great with the customers is not picking things up as quickly as we had hoped ( but at least he does his job correctly!). So that's a bit of a drag, as he's not able to "pull" and opening or closing shift yet. Which means the 3 of us remaining have to open/close/work the weekend shifts all ourselves. Tiring to say the least. I worked yesterday and had two regular long-term customers call up to chew us out for errors that should have never had happened. But newbies make them, and that's taxing as well. So that's draining as well.

So.... Now that I'm done complaining ;-) , I'll just post some pictures of Savannah for you all.

My favorite restarant in town. It's called the "Pirate house" and if you ever get the chance- don't miss it!

The clan outside. Tired, fed, and ready to go crash!

My version of a "sit-in". This is one of the 20+ little park squares around historic Savannah. Jon had been dragging us around ( walking in 95 degree heat) and I'd just had enough! Not to mention it was about 1:30pm, and we'd had neither breakfast OR lunch at that point. That look in my eyes is "Cold drink and food- or your SOOOO sleeping in the car tonight" look!

Savannah's riverfront. which is really nice, but I would have enjoyed it better had it not been so flippin' hot!

I have a lot more pictures, but I've been so busy that I haven't really had the chance to edit/tweak them all. I'll get them up here in the next week or so. I've got a relatively easy schedule this week ( if it holds!) so I might finally have some time/energy to have some fun on this thing. In the mean time, those above will have to do.

I'm now off to re-connect with the rest of you. Hope your having a good week.

Love and Peace, KC!

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