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Monday, August 20, 2007

Murphy- Leave me ALONE!!!

So, I've been AWOL around here for a while. Sorry for that, but with school starting- and getting Becky her learner's permit ( she has driver's ed this semester, so she had to get it FAST!!) I've been spending all my free time organizing the kids stuff.

So this morning is the first day of school. A day of starts, and peace and quiet for me- NOT! My car, which has been running just fine, won't start! Nope, dead as a doornail! Gosh-darn battery must have crapped last night ( as it drove home from work just fine yesterday!?). Which means Kimmie is home here with me. She's having to miss the first day of school, 'cause I can't drive her there ( and the school is too far to walk to!)

AND- Becky missed HER bus ( thought it said 7:48- must have been 7:43 pick up time lol!!!) , so Becky is home as well. I swear- if Andy misses his bus I'm gonna freak out!

So here I sit waiting for the tow truck to come. Kimmie crying about missing school, and me wondering how much money I'm going to have to shell out to get the car running again. AND it's Hubby's birthday today- which means if I don't get the car fixed ( at a reasonable cost!) his birthday gift will be some-what lacking......

Is it a full moon today? Did I do something to deserve this?
God, it IS monday today isn't it...... :(

Murphy has got to move out- NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace and Love, KC

**edt, 11:40 am**

Car's fixed- I was right, it was the battery. And the dealership actually had their courtesy van drive me out to my house, picked Kimmie up and took her to school for me! WOW!
But Becky is still here- it's just not worth the time to take her- she'd miss all but 2 classes anyway. And I suppose Hubby will just have to have dinner out, instead of the BBQ grill I had planned to get for his birthday.

Now, to find Murphy and kick his ass out of my house........ ;-)

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