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Thursday, September 06, 2007

OK, Ok, jeez!

Yes, I'm still alive and well. But with the kids back in school, and all the homework/activities/adjustments that have to be made at the beginning of a school year- I've just not had time. And the truth is- I needed to give myself a break from all the "online" time I'd been logging. I had been getting so "caught up" in so much stuff- that it just seemed to drain me sometimes. So I forced myself to take a break from the forums/boards/sites for a while. No, not entirely, and I have been "lurking" now and again ( to make sure nothing really BAD happened while I was away!) But I've decided to come back to the e-world. Hopefully, you all are still around.......???!

Well, what's new with me? Not a whole lot. Work is work- and that's pretty much it. Hubby is fine, and the kids are all getting used to school again. Becky's in her Senior year- and taking driver's ed. Which is another thing- she has her LEARNER'S PERMIT!!! OMG! I'm going to have to be the one that teaches her- I don't think Hubby is up to it. Should be interesting to say the least!

Andy's been placed in almost all AP courses. Which is really interesting- we'll have to see how well he handles them. Don't get me wrong- He's more than smart enough- but he has a tendancy to shrug off some of his homework...So...... We'll have to see how it works out. Kimmie is doing fine so far in 2nd grade- but then again I don't know if her "bullheadedness" has come into play yet. She's getting all smilie's on her work so far, so that's a good start. We've also decided that I will drive her to school in the mornings. I just can't justify:

1- Her standing out at the bus stop in the dark ( when the time change comes)

2- Her having to leave the house at 7am ( to catch a bus). The bus then gets them to school by 7:20am. (Campus doesn't even OPEN until 7:30! The kids have to stand outside the gates for 10 minutes!!!) And school doesn't start until 8:00am!! That's a whole HOUR early!

By me driving her- she gets more time to eat breakfast and get ready ( read=wake up!). This way- I can drop Becky off at her bus stop- and take Kimmie in. Kills 2 birds/1 stone. Even if I work the early shift- this still gives me plenty of time to get to work. So that's what we decided was best all around.

Other news=
My Mom it seems has found yet another lump in her breast. So she's going next week for a biopsy. Apparently, when they took her Mamo- there were 3 spots in question. She seems to be in pretty good spirits despite this ( her words were- "If it's that bad I'll just have them cut off!") Which at her age- I can totally see. Why go through all the chemo/radiation/bullshit if you don't "need them" anymore. She's been alone for 20+ years, and has absolutely no desire to get into any relationship. So yea- I can see her point. I would rather ( IF I were in her shoes- which I'm not thank goodness!) just get rid of my breasts as opposed to dealing with the constant trouble. I'll let you all know how it turns out once she gets the biopsy though.

Other than that- nothing much doing. I'm off this week, and have been just catching up on some needed R&R. I had hoped that Hubby would get a few days off this week as well, so we could get some major chores done ( IE- Garage?????) But he "claims" that they are in the middle of a big job- and his boss had a fit when he asked. Personally- I think he's using it as an excuse so he doesn't have to do "said chores". What do you girls think??? ;-)

I'll leave it at this now- but I'm gonna spend the day catching up with you all, and my "haunts". So if anyone wants to chat- I still have AOL and MSN on this thing :-)

Peace and Love- KC

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