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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

Let's hope this one is better ( news-wise anyway!)

Mom's doing good. She has her 4th and final treatment using the meds she's currently on today. Then she gets a 3 week break- and on to the Taxol. But she's hanging in there and that's the most important thing anyway.

Christmas here was pretty good. Jon didn't get the *big* bonus that he has gotten in years past, so most of us didn't get the *Big Gift*. Which was totally ok with the kids- they were not expecting much, ( especially after having to replace not one- but 2 major appliances- I warned them that "Santa" was broke lol!) and they really didn't ask for anything major. Just hoodies, shirts, games, etc. However- One of us ( *ehem*) did get a new "toy";

An IPhone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know- I love my toys! And I'm just loving the darn thing like a fat kid likes cake! And my poor Hubby had to have used his entire bonus just to buy the damn thing ( for which I gave him some grief- but not too much ;-) ) No more toting my IPod and phone and addy book and ..........
Now I can have them all in one. AND I can surf the net on my lunch break! Too F**king cool for words! I've gotten most of you ( that I have addy's/#'s etc. ) plugged into the darn thing. Now I have to take the time to personalize it. Time- the one thing I haven't got alot of..... BUT.......

I'm working 5 straight days this week ( through Sat. ) then I work just 3 days next week. And the following week I have off!! Yes, in January! Since I'm in my 25th year ( ACK!) I now get 5 weeks vacation. Since we only have 1 vacation planned ( going to NC this summer with the In-laws) and only spring break as my other normal week off, I decided to spread the other ones out to give me breaks throughout the year. ( I normally leave one week unplanned- so that I have time off for emergencies, etc. ) SOOOO.... since I've been working/dealing/busting my arse for the last 4 months- I scheduled one for this month. I just need time to unwind, get some stuff done around the house, and have some "play" time for me. I've been feeling lately like I just can't get ahead on anything. Hopefully, this week off will help.

Well, speaking of work- I'd better go get dressed. Not going to be easy though- it's colder than a witches youknowwhat in this house. About 50 degrees outside- it was almost 80 yesterday!!! And tomorrow morning? FREEZE ALERTS???!! Yup! Two days to go from summer to winter. And people wonder why we down here have such a problem with cold weather. We just don't get the chance to get *used* to it. I was in shorts yesterday- now I'm digging out the sweaters! And I wear scrubs to work- which are not exactly the warmest clothes on the planet. I just hope I don't get sick- then I can't be much help for Mom, can I???

Oh well, WHATEVER!

I'll probably be back in full *posting* mode come the end of the week. In the meantime....

Love and Peace, KC!

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