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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I is tired wurk tooƂ hard
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The story of my life lately. Seems as if despite the fact that our pharmacy has picked up our business, corporate keeps cutting hours. The last few weeks I've been so stresses/frustrated/exhausted after my measly 4 days of work, that I'm literally wiped out. Feet/legs hurting to the point that I can barely walk. Sleeping entire DAYS away just to recharge. It's getting to everyone, and I hear there may be more hours cut this week. I was discussing this with "J" and "L" ( our two pharmacists) and I mused how long it would be before someone somewhere actually "cracked" under the pressure. Not to mention- the possibility of mistakes happening because of the stress/pressure/exhaustion that comes from doing the job of 2 people, in half the time. I can understand, having been in management all those years, that Payroll is the easiest, fastest way to cut costs/raise profits. But in the case of Pharmacy- don't these "ijits" realize that a mistake from us could possibly be LETHAL???? Do they not understand that the fact that they can put "Drug Store" on the front of every building is because of the Pharmacy? We are their "rock". The thing the whole flippin' company was based on! "The PHARMACY America Trusts"????? We try hard to be- BELIEVE ME! I just wish each and every one of these corporate policy makers would have to spend a day in a store- in the phamacy. And see what we go through down in the trenches. 300 rx's a day- 2 pharmacists, and if we are very lucky- 3 techs. Spread over a 14 hour day. 5 phone lines, 3 cash registers, 2 drive-thru lanes, don't even get me started on insurance issues! I said it yesterday, and I'm saying it here now. If someone up there doesn't wise-up, they are going to lose a lot of good Pharmacists/Techs because it's just not worth it to kill yourself over a company that seems to see nothing but $$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Yeah, can you tell I'm having a bad week ? :P

Mom has started her new Chemo- and she didn't have a really good weekend. She had pain/tingling/spasms in her legs all weekend, which caused her to get no rest. Now, that IS a side-affect of the meds, and I wasn't overly concerned about it until I heard that she had called the Dr.s office for suggestions on how to deal with it- and the Dr. on call last weekend NEVER GOT BACK TO HER! That's right- 3 calls to the answering service- no call back! She called the office back yesterday ( she's feeling better now thanks!) and told them what went down. THANKFULLY, the nurse was very upset to hear about it, and said she would let the other drs. know what happened. I have a feeling someone ( IE- Dr. on call) is in for a severe arse-chewing. Good! he deserves it!

Other than all that crap, things have been normal. I'm just trying to make some decisions as to what I'm going to do. I really hadn't planned on quitting after I reach my official 25 year point- Start a new career at 50ish? Not something I had really felt the need to do. But I have to think about the possibility now, as my body is telling me something- and I think it's along the lines of "I can't take this much abuse at my age". Goodness knows, I've dodged enough *bullets* concerning my health. I don't want to set myself up for more.


Love and Peace, KC

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