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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm still alive....

It's just my computer that's up *that* creek with only one paddle. Let me explain....

We got the computer back ( as promised ) on/around Sept. 25th. As it was a Friday, I really didn't get a chance to get on ( Hubby was hogging it lol!) until Sunday. He had just logged off, complaining about the sound not working (either through the speakers or our headphones). So I figured I'd get on to see what the problem was. When I tried to log on to my *corner* of the computer- it suddenly came up with a message that our Windows was ILLEGAL????


So, of course, I had to call the Geeks again. Seems that when they replaced the motherboard it now was not working nicely with the Windows. Would I please bring it back down, and they could fix it in less than 1 hour. So, a couple of days later ( Hey- I had to work here!) I took it back to them. Explained exactly what happened, and they fixed that really quickly. But when they looked into the Audio problem, well...... THAT one was not as easy. 2 of them promised to work on it all night, and get the problem solved.

Two DAYS later ( 3 geeks working on it and 10 different audio cards according to them!) they just couldn't get the darn thing to work. The one guy kept calling me about every 3 hours, just to let me know they hadn't forgotten, and where they were work-wise. They finally figured that they had to send it BACK to the main repair facility. I was promised that they would put a rush on it, and that it would be handled ASAP.

Needless to say I was pissed off. ALL of my stuff is on there. But they were soooooo upset for/along with me that they promised to back up all of my files ( FOR FREE) and I would not be charged anything for all of this. So that's where we are now with my computer.

Waiting. again.

Other than that? Well, Jon's not getting alot of work in ( big surprise there- if people aren't buying/building, who needs a Surveyor?) and the kids are doing pretty good in school.

With my work- do you remember me telling you about the one girl that called out sick all the time, and came in late lots as well? Well, she quit last week. So right now, with or Flu shots and everything, at least I'm getting plenty of hours. Bummer though that I don't make near the money Jon does. Would help alot right now!

I'm on limited time here, so I thought I'd just get you all caught up on where I am.

I'll be back as son as possible- I miss you all!!

Peace and Love, KC

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