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Monday, October 27, 2008

It's fixed- FINALLY!

more animals

And let me tell you- it took some doing! After they got the computer back- again!- they gave it to use w/the back-up discs. We tried, and tried, and tried to get them uploaded. But they didn't want to work. Sooooo, back to the Geeks. Took them 3 days, as they had to direct upload from a master they still had!( thankfully one of them kept the master stored, just in case!)

So the past few days I've been re-uploading and sorting through all the files. And reloading my I-Tunes. And, and, and.......

But hopefully, this will be the last of it. Kind-of scary though that all the staff at that "squad" knows my name LOL!

Other than that? Well, I'm off this week. Not that I have any money to do anything. But I'm planning to get some serious cleaning/weeding/etc done. which means it's not a total waste. Besides, I need this break before the holiday/snowbird season hits. Otherwise I'd probably hurt someone at work lol!

Jon is still not working alot. Maybe 2 - 3 days per week if we're lucky. Which has seriously cut into our budget. He had some vacation time banked, which has helped some- but that's almost gone. I've warned the kids- do NOT ask for anything big for Christmas. Unless Dad gets more work ( har-har!) or He gets 6 good numbers a.k.a. hits the lottery ( hell, I'd settle for 5 at this point!) we are going to have a very skimpy Christmas. They're really being good about that, except for Kimmie. Which I understand as she's still a little too young to understand finances at this point. I might try to pick up some extra shifts at work, but I can't push too hard or my body will break down on me again. That wouldn't be good either.

Other than that? Not much else going on.

How've you been????

Peace and Love, KC!

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