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Friday, May 08, 2009

No- Don't anyone die of shock!

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Well, truth is I've never really been "gone". Stuff in life just started getting a little too crazy, and I decided that you all really didn't need to hear all the crap. So I took a hiatus as it were. So let's see if I can get you caught up- "crib-notes" style.

So, where do I start. Well, you all know about the economy. Because of that ( and other things that I'll explain later) Hubby has not been working alot. So I've been trying to pick up the slack ( although I can't match his salary!) More shifts at work meant less time home, and certainly less computer/play time. So that didn't help matters. Then a couple of techs quit, which helped me out shift-wise, but added to the whole "not enough time" thing.

December got even worse. Jon had been mentioning to me that he had this black *spot* in the corner of his eye. Now I have to say here that Hubby has one "lazy eye" and one good one. The lazy one basically doesn't work. Unfortunately, the spot was in his "good" eye. Week before Christmas, he came home and told me we had to make an appointment for him at an eye dr. Seems that "spot" was now covering 3/4 of his EYE!
LOONNNGGG story short- he had a torn & detached Retina. Which required immediate surgery. Friday before Christmas there we were in Orlando, spending monies we didn't have, getting Jon's eye fixed. ( And a shot out to Kat for coming over that evening for "Moral support!") This all meant that Christmas was a very lean ( read: kids only!) Jon was now officially out of work for about 6 weeks! ( and no- no disability, sick pay, etc.)

Now, I mentioned that Christmas was lean. We did however get one present that has proven to be a great joy/balm/treat to all of us during all this:

This is Nalla! She's a Calico American shorthair. I drove clear up to the only animal shelter in the county that was open Sunday before Christmas to get her. And she' been worth every penny!

She's here sleeping on my lap in my recliner. She's named after a charactor in a series of books that Becky and I love. ( "Black Dagger Brotherhood"- if anyone cares)

Even Shadow has taken a liking to her, and protects her as her own.

Now, we are not really "cat" people. Not that I don't like them, but we've always had dogs. But Becky has been wanting one really badly, and with all she does/has done to help me and her Dad during all this- I just couldn't say no. And I'm so glad I did. She is a hoot, and a love. ( Becky calls her "Bi-Polar Kittie". One minute she's racing around the house, climbing the walls. Next- she's sleeping like an angel)

Anyway- getting back to other stuff. Jon's eye eventually healed enough that he could go back to work in Feb. But he still has trouble driving too much. Thankfully the guy that works with him is more than willing to do that for them. And things are looking up, both with his work and in general. So I thought I'd better get back to my old routine. Which of course means back to this.

Gods, it's good to be back to "normal"! ( well, normal for ME lol!)

Anything interesting happen while I was gone?????

Peace and Love, KC!

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