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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ok, Finally.....

Here is the video. I actually have 3, but 2 of them are too big file-wise for Photobucket to upload. So if anyone knows someway I can get around that- spill! ( edit: Photobucket is being a jerk- I ended up uploading all of them onto Youtube)

A little background. This is a brand new high school. They had NO band-camp before school started. NONE of these kids have ever been in a marching band before now. They've basically learned all of this in 4 weeks of 2 hour after school sessions. Andy is on the left - he plays baritone horn.

And here are some stills:

That's Andy coming out the band room door. Charging out would be more appropriate!( he's the one with the horn under his arm)

The whole band in the stands. My photoshop skillz- let me show you them lol! The girls in the "track suits" that are standing beside the band are actually the flag squad. Their flags are on back-order poor things. So they just march with the band until they get them.

I'm hoping to teg more pictures this Friday- but the problem is I think I'm working the concession stand. Which means I'll be up to my elbows in ketsup and such for most of the game. If not this week- I'll be going to the first away game the following week. I'll try to get better shots then!

As for me- I have a test tomorrow ( called an IVP test?). Hopefully they will be able to tell what's the problem with my kidney. The bad news?- nothing but clear liquids all day today. NO FOOD.

Have you ever noticed just how hungry you get when people tell you you CAN'T EAT!!!??????

Meantime- there is some cleaning around here that needs doing!

Peace and Love, KC!

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