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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ok, here they are!

These three are the one's i got last Friday nite. They are in order, with the last one being them in the stands during the 2nd half of the game.

( there is a middle song between these two, but it's a slow song and IMVHO- boring. He's changing the song, so hopefully it will be better soon!)

Just an FYI- The chant's they do? The first is the girls going "Your a Jerk!", then the boys say "I know!" the second is "SWAG!" ( I have no idea- really!) The long one is pretty obvious.
Also, the flag girls are having some problems with personnel. They had a few quit- and the new ones are.. well let's just say their sense of rhythm is not all that it should be. They're working hard on it though.

And in the stands:

The funny part of this last video is one you can't see. Those bleachers they are on are the "temporary" kind. Which means they weren't the most stable things to sit on. The whole time the band was rocking back and forth- you could see them move/rock. And the Squeaking! We parents were scared to death that they were going to break on the poor kids! ( they didn't though)

I had a great time tonight. Went to the local Barnes & Noble, to sit in with the local Romance readers club- and Roxanne St. Claire. She was doing a combo signing ( yes, another new book!) and online Q & A. If you go to the B & N site, in the Heart 2 Heart bookclub section, you can see it all. ( I can't get the link to work- I need to re-learn how to post this crap again darnit!)

You can see a picture of all of us, and the questions from the "Roundtable" ( which was us there with her) along with the online questions asked. I'm in the picture- hiding behind Becky lol!

That's about it for tonight. I'll be back tomorrow or Friday.

Peace and Love, KC!

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