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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Last night's game

Well, as usual, the team didn't win. Although I'm seeing signs of improvement. Honestly, since this is their first year, and the team is made up of mostly 9th graders playing against Varsity teams, I hadn't expected much. But what happened last night with the bands was really kind-of cool.

They played against Viera HS last night. Which is a relatively new school as well ( they've only graduated 1 class- 2009- so they've been in existance 5 years maybe). When our band came marching in- their whole band got to their feet and applauded. AND kept applauding until the band got to the stands. Then their band director came over to welcome us- and asked if we could stay after the game for a "social" with their band. WOW! The hospitality- it was wonderful. They cheered us at we entered the field for our part of the show as well. Just really, really welcoming and polite.

Any of you that have never been involved in this sort of thing don't understand. Normally each side is involved in a game-long excercise in one-upmanship. Constant competition. Not there, not with this organization. They made us feel like old friends, who'd come for a visit to the house. We may have lost the game- but we really loved going there. So thank you to the Viera HS Marching Hawks- You all are the bomb!

I'm starting to get jokes coming in ( thanks Kat!) so that little feature should recommense next week. And as I have a party to go to at River BIL's house to go to this afternoon, I'd better get off of here and get some things done.

Talk at you later!
Peace and Love, KC!

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