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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

On this day...

Five years ago, I got news that would change my life- for better and for worse. Friends, come with me and Remember back:

Oct. 12, 2004-
I am starting this by saying sorry. This is not the way I would normally start out our week, fellow bloggers, but it can't be helped. I have been dealing/contemplating whether or not to even post about this here. But as we are all friends here, though I have not met you in person, I feel it would be deceitful not to let you know....
That last Friday, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. That's right- Those things which have been a part of me since the age of 12 have up and betrayed me. ( that's why my Friday funnie was missing- just didn't have the heart for it on that day). Tommorrow ( Tuesday) I have an appointment with a Surgeon, to discuss my options, although I know the answer, the questions needs be asked. By the way my OB-GYN acted, I will probably be in the hospital by week's end.

I won't lie- I'm scared shitless, but I'm determined! I have a VERY supportive husband, and 3 beautiful children, and I'll be damned if this beast is gonna get the better of me. And besides, I have alot left to do in this world. I have spent the weekend making CD's of my favorite music to take with me on my battle. I've hugged my kids to death. I've sat and cried in Hubby's arms. I'm Strong, Bullheaded, Armed and Dangerous. And I will survive.
I will let you all know tommorrow what goes on, Keep your fingers crossed for me.


5 years. Gods, where has the time gone? Although I have to say the first year took FOREVER, the rest have just gone by like all the others. But really, they're not. You know how they say to check your "girls" monthly? I do it daily. Someone who didn't know me would say I was a pervert! But I'm not going there again, and that's the point.

Many things have changed since then, especially in my world. Most of which have nothing to do with the passage of time. I'm more open. I'm more frank ( gods help the person that asks me my opinion on something- I used to be really diplomatic- now I give it to you straight!) I've taken the family on vacations EVERY year- even if we really should have saved the money. What's money- I want QUALITY TIME with my family. Riding the Roller Coasters of death! eating waaaaay too much food. laughing and just being with the people I love more than myself. Time is something you really get a true grasp of when your suddenly told you may not have it. Yes, I know you can "imagine". But you don't really KNOW until it hits you. Ask anyone who's walked in these very weighty shoes.

I remembered about this yesterday. Becky's reaction was a big high-five. "5 years Mom, it's is a good thing". Yes, my love, it is. But not until I'm 95, sitting my great-grandchild on my knee will I know it's all over.

I still sometimes, in my mind's eye, see that "grave" where the Beast lies. And I think- " Rest in Peace, you sorry SONOFABITCH! And don't come back here ever, ever again".

My friends, this is my reminder- CHECK YOUR GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still Bullheaded and Strong- KC

p.s.- my hair is down past my shoulders now- KISS MY ASS for THAT beast!

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